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The Fastest-Growing Shooting Sport in the World

3 Gun matches are timed events in which competitors move through various stages engaging in targets using a pistol, rifle and shotgun. The sport is rapidly rising in popularity as it combines gun-handling skills, speed and accuracy across three different platforms. The NRA 3 Gun Experience (3GE) is designed to introduce new and intermediate shooters to the world of 3 Gun. 3GE offers you a chance to learn the sport on your own time and at your own pace. This safe, family fun, mildly competitive recreational shooting program will be your stepping stone into the world of 3 Gun.

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Started in the Early 1980s

After matches started in the early 80's, 3 Gun has continued to grow in popularity throughout the years

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Mental and Physical Challenges

3 Gun includes a combination of Mental and Physical Challenges and is a great way to exercise

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30% Increase in Participation

In just the last year, NRA 3 Gun Experience (3GE) has grown over 30%, reaching new shooters

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Are you Ready for the Challenge?

Challenge your friends and family to see who's the best. Find a 3GE at your local club or range today!

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3 Gun Experience

Your introduction to the fastest-growing shooting sport in the world.